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Welcome to the University of Houston's teachHOUSTON Student Society website! We are a student organization built to help you through not only your education courses, but also your math and science paths.  We are a society of math and science majors who strive to become educators in our field of expertise.  We provide our members with free professional development workshops, social events, and community service opportunities.  It is our ultimate goal to help create math and science teachers who actively pursue an involving career.  Please explore this website to learn more about our events, members, and resources. If you'd like to learn more about the student society, please email us at [email protected]!

Program Advisor: Leah McAlister-Shields

Hello Fellow Cougars! I am Ms. Shields and I serve as Academic Program Manager for the teachHOUSTON Program. I have advised students in the teachHOUSTON Program since Fall 2008, and dare I say that this has been the most rewarding experience of my career! Like you, I am a student (pursuing a doctorate in Higher Education Administration at Sam Houston State University), so I understand the demands of juggling responsibilities like school and work- for many students this is challenging. The tHSS  will help you to bridge this gap. It provides wonderful opportunities to participate in scholastic, professional, and social activities. tHSS is more than an organization for students, it is a learning community focused on involving students in interesting and important work that help to grow your skills as a teacher while helping to improve our community‚Ķand make a difference!

I look forward to meeting and serving alongside our new members!


  Good luck this academic year, and Go Coogs!

Spring 2017 Officers

Ashley Tharp

Position: Co-President


Jaime Franks

: Co-President

Emely Recinos

Position: Secretary

Hello, I'm Emely Recinos. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas along with my younger brother. I went to an early college high school, so I was able to graduate with an associates degree along with my high school diploma. I am currently majoring in Mathematics, and I am striving to graduate in the fall of 2018.  I love to read and write during my free time, so I always have a book and a notebook with me just in case. I hope to be the kind of teacher that will impact my students' lives, even if it's just in a little way, while also hoping to be able to publish the book I've been working on for some time.

Dakota Doran

Position: Treasurer

Hi my name is Dakota Doran! I'm a Junior studying Mathematics. I have a great love for dogs, mathematics, and the teachHOUSTON Program. Find me in the project office if you ever want to chat! 

Faith Clause 

Position: Professional Development 

Hiya! I am a Mathematics major and Biology minor following the teachHOUSTON route. I am set to graduate in 2018 with my class, but for now I am in my third year as a junior. In addition to being an officer for the society, I am also a student worker/TA for teachHOUSTON. My original goal wasn't to always be a STEM teacher. It wasn't until I took a leap of faith and enrolled in Step 1 that I finally felt as if I had found my calling. Outside of the society I enjoy reading poetry, drinking coffee, and experiencing all of the good eateries Houston has to offer. If you see me around campus please feel free to strike a conversation!

Jahir Tamayo

Position: Public Relations

My name is Jahir Tamayo, I am a biochemistry major. I am currently a senior, I have been with TeachHOUSTON since my very first semester. I am also a student worker for Student Teaching. My goal as a teacher is for my students to appreciate science and inspire curiosity.

Erik Chavarrieta

Position: Social Chair

Hello! My name is Erik Chavarrieta, and I am currently a junior whose major is mathematics. I am the social chair in the teachHouston Student Society, and I am working towards a Physics minor as well. Aside from school, I am a choir person. I am a tenor for two choirs and a director of another; apparently mathematics and music go hand in hand, and I agree. I exercise as much as I can, as well! Lastly, and primarily, I am a gamer. I love video games, but they are on hold for my classes.


Stephanie Kohler

: Community Service

I'm Stephanie Kohler, your Community Service Officer. I'm also a student worker with teachHOUSTON. My major is Mathematics and I hope to graduate Spring 2019, even though I'm currently a senior. I also have a minor in Business Foundations and a certificate in Corporate Entrepreneurship. I've always wanted to be a teacher, but when I first started college I strayed off my path a bit into the business world. No worries though, I'm back where I was always meant to be. My life revolves around school and my rescue dog, Emerald. She is my life! I'm obsessed with pet nutrition because I want her to live as long as possible and be healthy!

Alexis Clowtis


Position: Historian

Hello! My name is Lexi and I am honored to serve as your Historian for the teachHOUSTON Student Society. I am majoring in biology and am planning on student teaching in Spring of 2018. I had the opportunity to be a Noyce Intern over the summer, finding a home in the teachHOUSTON program and became a student worker the following semester. I live across the country from my family, so you will most likely find me spending my spare time with

teachHOUSTON in the project office. Go Coogs!

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